About Us

Heartland Camaros was officially founded in 2010 by several Camaro enthusiasts. It all began with a passion and dream that Patrick McPhail had about bringing a community of Camaro enthusiasts together. In August of 2009 three lucky owners of the newly released 5th generation Camaro meet at Old Chicago in Wichita KS to admire each others beautiful Camaros. It wasn’t until February of 2010 that the buzz started to spread and people were aware that there was a group of Camaro enthusiasts in the Wichita area meeting and enjoying the come back of the Camaro. The number of people had grown so rapidly that it was a mutual decision to start an official Camaro club as there wasn’t any sign of one currently active in the area and call it Heartland Camaros.

Heartland Camaros is a non-profit charity organization focused on bring together Camaro enthsuasts of all generations across the Midwest. Heartland Camaros is solely based out of Wichita Kansas but word travels quickly and we are opening the doors to other locations. Heartland Camaros is involved in a wide array of activities throughout the year so there is bound to be something that appeals to everyone. Our club members range from teenagers to retirees and from stock, customs and mean muscle-cars.

We get together for a variety of things from working on each others cars to having a night out on the town cruising before dinner. Not to be over-looked are the charity events that we dedicate a lot of time and effort to help support in what ways we can.


Wish to Donate to help our Toys for Tots Drive? All funds received will be used to purchase toys for the drive.

Next meeting

Next Scheduled Club meeting will be May 13th